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At Swyers Publishing we dedicate ourselves to helping writers.

Bill and Pam Swyers started Swyers Publishing to assist in getting aspiring writers' books published and into the marketplace. We are a small business that desires to grow as we help indie writers fulfill their goals. The publishing world (okay the entire world) has been turned on its ear since the internet came along. This combined with the struggling economy has made it near impossible for an author to get his foot in the door by traditional methods. That's where we come in... let us give you a leg up in publishing. The world is changing, and we're changing with it.


2018 Poetry Anthology Contest

Swyers Publishing 2018 Poetry Anthology

We are excited to announce the start of the 2018 Poetry Anthology Contest. Starting March 1st we will be accepting poetry submissions... Read more...

September 1, 2017 - Letter from the Editor in Chief

"For those who have never been involved in the process, publishing is, well, it's quite a process, indeed. For Swyers Publishing, I am the final word, the editor-in-chief, so for those projects involving other people's writing, I am, if possible, even more anal than I am with my own stuff. With my own books, I have my editor, Read More...

What's Next?

Just got finished preparing The Hobby and The Hobby Part Two (Inner Circle) as one book for re-release, probably in September. The second one was so small on its own that I decided to go back and combine the two into one. This will also enable anyone who hasn't read them to buy ONE book instead of two.

If you're familiar with the Showtime show Dexter, think of a whole new Dexter, (except he's a she and she is a work-out instructor and a vegan). Haley Jo is a sweetheart and a good friend, but she has a tiny, little personality-quirk... she's a murderer.

If you haven't read these, look out for the re-release... you're gonna love it.

After that on my publishing queue is "Transcendant." This is a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel, starring young people Troy, Samantha and Sonja. It will be billed as both Young Adult Fantasy and Fantasy/Fiction.

Maybe even moreso than some of my other novels (Boys with Cars, Rebound, etc) I believe both sexes and all ages will enjoy this story and these characters.

Troy finds himself nineteen and in an arranged marriage after WWIII as remaining humanity emerges from their bunkers... His life takes turn after turn as he discovers what is unique about himself and a small handful of others.

Then next summer, expect the release of a poetry compilation: Heart of Courage. In this collection of modern poetry, you will find words that soothe, comfort, inspire and disturb, and all coming from hearts of courage. Poets included: Myself (Pamela Swyers), Nick Trandahl, Kelsi Rose, and Fiona Summerville.

2018 promises to be a busy year.

Early in the year (February) we'll begin taking submissions towards a poetry anthology to be published late in the year.

June is our projected date to publish "Heart of Courage: A Poetry Compilation" which is a book of selected poems by three poets.

We are open for editing and cold-reading jobs and mentoring as well. Contact:

Keep an eye out for further details on upcoming projects.

New service available:

Mentoring for Aspiring Authors. A handful of spots a year come available for one-on-one mentoring for aspiring authors. Affordable pricing packages will be quoted upon contact. Email with interest. Follow us on Facebook for availability updates and other SP news.

We are not currently accepting full-length manuscripts for publication but we are available for editing jobs, cold-reading, or advice and tips. Contact

A Place by Pamela Swyers

I see it when I close my eyes
Between wake and sleep
A faraway place where pain is absent
And time is not.
Light and color redefined
The unseeable now seen
The indescribable comes to life.
Love fills every pore and peace
Floods the mind and soul.
There is that place, I have glimpsed
And upon waking mourn the loss of it.

Crashing Waves - Poetry Anthology Now Available

Crashing WavesToday is the official launch of Crashing Waves, our 2015 poetry anthology. Get your copy today from Barnes and Noble online or Amazon. This collection is chock full of thoughtful and inspiring poems from around the world.

2015 Poetry Anthology Contest

Swyers Publishing Poetry Anthology, Volume Two: Crashing Waves

We are excited to announce the start of the 2015 Poetry Anthology Contest and follow-up to our 2011 Making Waves Poetry Anthology. Starting March 1st we will be accepting poetry submissions... Read more...

Craig & Nick - Breaking Waves - Book-signing

Breaking WavesNicholas Trandahl & Craig Eutsler teamed up in Upton, WY at the local Upton Library for a book signing on September 5th.

Breaking Waves - 2014 Short Story Anthology

Breaking WavesWe are getting closer to the release date of the Short Story Anthology - Breaking Waves. We are scheduled to release it on August 1st, 2014.

Winners Announced for the Short Story Anthology - Breaking Waves

We are pleased to announce the list of authors the titles that were chosen. There were many wonderful stories submitted and after careful and thoughtful consideration these nine authors and ten stories have been chosen to be included in the 2014 Swyers Publishing Short Story Anthology - Breaking Waves

2014 Short Story Contest

We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2014 Swyers Publishing Short Story Contest. Winners will be announced in mid-May. Check our site for updates and news regularly.

The Hobby by Pamela Swyers


Clark's Turning Leaf by Nicholas Trandahl

Clark's Turning LeafClark Grant, renowned Seattle writer of romantic poetry, has fallen into a literal and literary darkness. Depression, grim dark poetry,...


2014 Short Story Contest

Swyers Publishing is holding a Short Story Contest. We will begin accepting submissions for the contest in January 2014. The Short Story Anthology will be published in the Summer of 2014. Each author may enter up to four short stories for the contest. Winners will be announced in mid-May. Find out more about the contest and what it is all about. Read more about the contest rules and guidelines.
To submit a short story use the submission form.

Publishing and the Unknown Author

For many, the dream of being published has proven to be just too difficult to achieve. Every day brilliant writers are turned down for publishing contracts, which can be so disheartening to an aspiring writer. Book publishing, particular for those who write novels, poetry or any other type of creative writing, seems to have gotten harder and harder in the last fifty years. Is this because there are more and more good writers out there? Possibly. Is it because the industry is swamped with manuscripts and submissions, many from the uneducated and unprofessional? Maybe. One thing is for certain, though. In an industry where the internet is now allowing for more and more writers to get their work out there, we certainly have an over-abundance of unproven, unknown writers trying to get someone to look at their book and take it and them seriously.

For those large well-known publishing companies I can only imagine how overwhelming it is. I sometimes think they have completely shut down their capacity to find new, talented authors, and perhaps out of sheer exhaustion. Imagine having to...


09-05-2013 Interview with Pam on The Lone Writer

Free e-book - The Dream Dweller by Pamela Swyers

You can download a free copy of the book The Dream Dweller from Smashwords. Use Coupon Code - VL89H - Offer Good until May 31, 2013

Lost Yellow - A Poetry Collection by Nicholas Trandahl

Available Now
Barnes & Noble

Dylan's Choice by Pamela Swyers

The third novel in the Tryta Chronicles series by Pamela Swyers has been released. As Dylan becomes a man he must face the ultimate choice: to become fully evil and work alongside his father, the most powerful demon on the planet, or to serve on the side of the angels with his mother Diana. Find out what choice he makes...

The Dream Dweller by Pamela Swyers

The latest novel by Pamela Swyers has been released. This book takes you into the world of dreams. Are dreams real? or just an imaginary extension of how we would like things to be. Find out how Amelia handles the tragedies of the "Real" world...

The Tryta Chronicles Epic Conclusion

Dylan's Choice


Book Trailer for The Tryta Chronicles

Coming Soon... From Pamela Swyers

The Dream Dweller


Book Trailer for The Dream Dweller

Now Available from Nicholas Trandahl

The Azure Wizard - A Legend of the Fallen Baronies



February 4, 2018
At Rest: A Poetry Anthology Contest - Submit your poems

January 1, 2018
Transcendant Latest Novel by Pamela Swyers - Available Now

November 6, 2015
Crashing Waves - Today is the official launch of Crashing Waves, our 2015 poetry anthology.

May 24, 2015
Swyers Publishing's Current Anthology Contest Closes July 4th! Get your entries in now. Submit your poems

March 1, 2015
Crashing Waves Poetry Anthology Contest - Submit your poems

May 2, 2014
Short Story Anthology - Breaking Waves - winners announced

April 4, 2014
We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2014 Short Story Contest.

February 16, 2014
The Hobby by Pamela Swyers is coming soon. Get Ready...

January 4, 2014
Nicholas Trandahl's latest novel Clark's Turning Leaf available.

December 1, 2013
2014 Short Story Contest Announced. Be a part of the next Swyers Publishing Anthology. Read more...

October 10, 2013
Nicholas Trandahl interview on Smashwords

September 5, 2013
Pamela interviews on The Lone Writer Radio Talk Show

April 28, 2013
Download a free copy of The Dream Dweller Use Coupon Code - VL89H - Offer Good until May 31, 2013

February 15, 2012

Pamela Swyers' book Dylan's Choice has been released More Info...

August 18, 2012

Pamela Swyers' book The Dream Dweller has been released More Info...

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